segunda-feira, julho 19, 2010

And thisI has a lot to cover...

Know that your True Will derives from God's Will, so as long as you are aligned, you can't go a miss. Even if you feel you've missed, most likely you are just unaware that your True Will is working, and a few hours, days or years later you will learn that that was the right road to travel back then!

On another note, this I feels that same reconditioning needs to happen to this I. It is needed to let go of my former outereducation, and concentrate on my innereducation, the one that comes from within, Faith, True Will, Conscience, to seek the one that connects this I to the Universe, in a way that this I feels embraced and a part/whole of everything.

This I was raised in disbelief, not because of non believers around me, but because there was no evidence of relief in those around me that turned to God, only resignation, guilt, sorrow and sadness, so this I built a mechanical God, one that cares not for people, one that is too busy making planets and galaxies go round and round...

Until thisI started to practice capoeira!
Capoeira opened up the magical realm, i knew thisI outgrewed himself when in the "roda", there was something in me, helping me, thisI sensed transcendence, and when thisI surrendered to that feeling, there was just The Flow, a perfect timing of oneness...Tewahido.

Capoeiristas call it "a descida dos orixás" something like "the dropping/visiting of the gods".
Capoeira also ignited a need to search for my roots, and it was her that lead me to rastafari... i started to grow my hair, because capoeira made me feel free, and i needed to represent that freedom, that feeling of getting close to thisI. A couple of years later, thsiI remembers to this day when a rastafari came to me and said "Jah Rastafari"... I answered I was no rastafari, I had let my hair grow for coincidence... and he said "I'm not looking at your hair, rasta is not in the hair, rasta is in the heart".

It was like being baptized. ThisI was awake and slowly started studying, searching and overstanding. "When the aprentice is ready, the master will appear".
So, thisI is still a newborn rasta, it's been 16 years since unconsciously thisI started to grow the Lion's Mane. And thisI has a lot to cover...

Tewahido/Oneness. Jah Bless. Rastafari.