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20 questions about Rastafari 2/20

Have you broken any rules and if not then if members break the rules what are the consequences or punishment for breaking a rule?

This is my personal view on the movement, these opinions are solely my own, and I wish not to make them speak for anyone else but me... Ras Bhenda

To me Rastafari is a principle and not a set of rules, you can either be aligned with the principle and manifest it, or… not! But because there are many ways to reach the same place (this is one of the principles of systemic thinking in Clinical Social Psychology) there are people who have united under one banner, I believe it is called a Mansion. Mansions are groups of people that look at Rastafari the same way, and so study and practice Rastafari together. These Mansions build rules and conducts they believe will help them to manifest the Rastafari Principle faster, safer and better. Although they are not churches, there could be some parallel, leadership, principles, dress codes, hierarchy, etc. In those Mansions, depending on which one, I suppose there can be (or not) a penalty for breaking rules… but in Rastafari there is no outer consequence or punishment. See it this way. If you make sports, and exercise daily, you will feel good and your body will grow healthy. But if you don’t… your body will grow weak and health issues may arise. That is your consequence. There is no punishment from God or Church, just a feedback on your actions.

Rastafari is Peace, Love and Inity… Respect is a consequence of such thoughts you walk your path and I respect you, as long as you don’t carry injustice to others I will leave you be. A rastafari does not in principle drink alcohol, mainly because it can keep you from reconnecting with your higher self. But if a rastaman drinks, it will be upon himself, it will be his loss.

Other situations may occur that a Rasta behaves unbecoming, and brings rastafari name to a shame. Well that is a known Social Psychology issue (Outer Group Homogeneity: When one watches the behavior of someone not belonging to your group, you will tend to classify the whole group with that behavior), and every Rasta will try to illuminate other rastas who indulge in such behaviors.
Blessed Be

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